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Curry in Melbourne

Finding decent curry in Melbourne seems to be a lot harder than it looks. With more and more Indian restaurants and take aways appearing all over Melbourne, I did not expect the dissatisfaction that I have had.

Since moving here a few months ago there have been more times that I’ve wished I’d eaten baked beans at home, than times when I’ve been honestly satisfied with the food. It seems to be normal to use poor quality ingredients and heaps of oil.

Bangla Sweets & Curry Cafe
I suspect that this Aloo Muttar came from one of those $2 packet curries. More sauce than vegetables, and bland and sickly at that, it was possibly the most horrible curry I have ever had. Pakoras were dry and bland, and I was never quite clear if they were lying about animal products. Very rude service, and the first place I have encountered that usually add cream to their Aloo Mattar. Avoid.

Funky Curry
I think the name says it all. Out of a bain marie with the only flavour being cheapo chili powder.

Tandoori Times
This place seems a bit hit and miss, with there only being one time when it was actually really good.

Lentils as anything at St Kilda and Abbotsford
Spot on with their flavours. And finally – quality, organic ingredients. Once I went and it was mostly greasy sauce, but the other times have been great.

I’ve already written about this place, well worth going for lolz and the fantastic naan and aloo gobi. Edit: Dishes on the menu are not well described, and the waiter’s inability to speak english gets frustrating, also their beer is not cold enough. That garlic naan, and the aloo gobi is enough reason to return though.

Wild Yak Tibetan Restaurant
Not Indian, but delicious, healthy tasting curry with an excellent balance of flavours. The steamed Tsel Momo with hot sauce are especially delicious, as is the Shoko Tema Curry. Fair prices, and well worth the trip out to Northcote. Heaps of vegan options and excellent service.

Fitz Curry Cafe
This has to be the best Indian take away I’ve had. I tried the pumpkin masala (usually made with dairy, but they were happy to make it without) and the mushroom mutter. The vegetables were organic and perfectly cooked. The curries were full of vegetables, with a good amount of sauce.

Ganesh, St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy

Very nice atmosphere, organic, seasonal ingredients and lovely service – without their politics being shoved down your throat.  BYO everything, there is a bottleshop just past the nearby merry creek.  All vegan except for the lassi as of 3/1/09.

Places I have yet to try:
There is some all veggie place in Preston that’s really cheap
Vegetarian Nirvana Cafe on Bridge Rd

Please comment if you know of anywhere good!

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