Grumpy’s Green

This place seem to be doing the right thing sustainably, taking responsibility for their own water collection, and all their food ingredients and beers sourced from Victoria. It’s been open for nearly a month now, and the other night I got to see what they were like.

I tried the sauteéd mushrooms, the tofu skewers and the chickpea battered vegetables. Shared between three, these were a nice size for a light meal. The vegetables had so much flavour, and the cooking really brought out the best in them. I would really appreciate more vegan options on the menu, it is sad to see a delicious sounding veggie burger that I can’t eat! The mushrooms weren’t labeled on the menu as vegan, but only needed to have the butter changed for oil, so maybe this is the case with some of their other dishes.

On tap the Holgate pilsner was delicious, I have emailed the brewery and all of their beers are suitable for vegans. The raspberry beer in bottles was quite nice, and they make a good vodka and raspberry too.

The service was not grumpy at all, and the atmosphere was really nice and relaxed, with an excellent beer garden, and plenty of different spaces to sit in.



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4 responses to “Grumpy’s Green

  1. I’ve just found your blog and am pleased to hear good things about Grumpy’s as I am planning to try them soon. I hope you will be interested in some local sites I am building – see and – and would like to know if I can include feeds from your site there. Mores ites for Fitzroy and Brunswick are coming soon. I’m also the author of Thanks!

  2. veganik

    Sure 🙂

    I’ll be making a post about Carlton soon actually

  3. I think they were looking into more vegan options incl. cheese although they won’t be getting in Cheezly as it’s imported and quite expensive here.

    Sounds like a great place to hang out though 🙂

  4. Thanks for adding the tags! Your posts are being syndicated and I hope you enjoy all the other local news and reviews you can read on these sites.

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